Membership in the Federation of North American Sport Horse Registries is limited to sport horse breed registries or associations whose breeding goal is to produce modern sport horses particularly suited for the classic Olympic disciplines of jumping, dressage and combined training.


1) These registries or associations should be based on the principles and model of the modern western European Warmblood Studbooks, which require that the registry or association:

Maintain a Studbook which is limited to horses of Thoroughbred and/or warmblood breeding for 3 generations.

Hold quantitative inspections of breeding stock. (Mares and stallions entering the studbook must have been successfully inspected.)

Require some degree of Stallion Performance Testing.

Require Parentage Verification with DNA or Bloodtyping for breeding stock.


2) These registries or associations should meet certain business law criteria:

Have been in business a minimum of five years in the U.S.

Have a minimum of 350 members in North America.

Have published rules of registration.

Have published by-laws and be incorporated.

Maintain an established office with published hours.


New members will be accepted on a case-by-case basis upon, and requires common consent of, 75% of current members. The Federation may allow a two-year, non-voting trial associate membership for organizations which do not fulfill all of the above requirements.

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