The Federation of North American Sport Horse Registries currently is comprised of eight member registries: American Hanoverian Society; American Holsteiner Horse Association; American Trakehner Association, Inc.; Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association (BWP/NAD); The Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America NA/WPN, Inc.; International Sporthorse Registry, Inc./Oldenburg Registry North America; North American Selle Francais Association, Inc.; and Swedish Warmblood Association of North America.

The Federation is an association of sport horse breed registries and associations whose breeding goal is to produce modern sport horses particularly suited for the classic Olympic disciplines of dressage, jumping and combined training. These breed registries are based on the model of the modern Western European Warmblood studbooks and in general require maintenance of a studbook, inspections of breeding stock, performance testing and parentage verification.

These registries work together to benefit all sport horse breeders and owners in North America through exchanges of information, educating sport horse breeders and owners, keeping abreast of health and regulatory issues as they affect the horse industry, conducting 100-day stallion testing, being a combined "voice" regarding matters of interest to the industry, etc.

While the Federation members do work together for the benefit of all our horses, we nevertheless have separate identities, goals, rules and regulations. One purpose of this web site is to present - in one location - the requirements for registration / approval in each registry (and nomenclature for each) so that breeders may make more informed decisions on where they wish to go with their breeding programs (or perhaps where they CAN go!).

It is the unanimous consensus of the Federation members that a foal will receive only one set of registration papers. Each member of the Federation upholds the Federation's policy to issue only one official record, i.e., registration papers, commercial law certificate, certificate of pedigree, or birth certificate, per foal. Therefore, breeders should "do their homework" (perhaps before the breeding!) to determine where their foal is eligible for registration, at what registration level, and - if eligible for registration with more than one registry - with which registry the breeder ultimately will choose to register.

In most cases, one Federation member will recognize the registration papers of another Federation member for breeding approval (where certain other conditions, such as pedigree and performance, are met). Therefore, having a foal registered with one registry does not necessarily exclude it from breeding approval with another registry when it meets the specific requirements for approval with that registry.

Using the "Links to Members" button at the left, you can reach each registry's individual web site for more information. We strongly recommend that, whenever you have a specific question, you directly contact the registry involved. This is especially important if you are purchasing a horse (find out beforehand if it IS registered and its registration status; is the horse approved for breeding, etc.) or breeding to a stallion (is the stallion APPROVED?; what registration status will your foal have?). Costly mistakes have been made when the facts were not determined beforehand. Be an informed consumer and don't be embarrassed to ask questions of the registry's office - that's why we have phones, faxes and e-mail!

We hope you find this site informative and that many of your questions are answered. Please e-mail any Federation member with your comments.

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